Solar Savings that Make a Difference

Saving with solar is a simple math equation: produce the same power that the Utility company sends to you but at a fraction of what they charge. This self-generated power helps protect your electric bill from rising energy costs and also increases your property value.

At Solar Topps, we take it a step further by engineering your system to work optimally. As a result, most of the systems we have installed are overproducing compared to our initial expectations and continue to do so year-over-year. This greater return than anticipated has allowed our customer’s to improve the quality of other aspects their life. As the future of energy use and management change, we are at the forefront providing the best technology to our customers without compromising the integrity of the systems we install.

Simple Energy Management Solutions

Not everyone uses their energy the same way, so why should you be forced to limit your system’s potential and reduce your savings. We have good news for you: the future of personalized energy management is here, and we are excited to be part of it with you.

With Solar Topps’ complete suite of Energy Management Solutions, our innovative technology effortlessly integrates energy production, storage, and control all at your fingertips. As an authorized Enphase Gold Installer, we combine solar, storage and software that track your production and consumption allowing you to use your energy, your way.

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