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Equip your sales or service teams with the tools, training, and support to enhance their value proposition to customers by incorporating solar solutions, enabling them to achieve even greater savings.

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Better Serve Your Customers with Our Energy Saving Solutions

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    New Home Builders

    Enhance the market appeal of your homes by offering eco-friendly and cost-effective energy options to homeowners. Moreover, homes with solar may sell for higher since they tend to increase property value.

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    Roofing Companies

    A great solution for increasing a roof’s lifespan, customers can benefit from a reliable and durable roof that has the solar panels seamlessly integrated into the roofing structure, optimizing both aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency.

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    HVAC Companies

    By working together, your company can offer a comprehensive approach for energy efficiency and comfort by integrating solutions that optimize heating and cooling systems with the customer’s desire for sustainable energy sources.

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    Window and Door Installers

    By integrating high-quality solar installations, your company can offer a holistic approach to improving home energy efficiency for homes and businesses. Easily attract customers who prioritize energy savings practices.

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    Real Estate Agents

    A partnership with us can provide real estate agents with a competitive edge, enhance property values, and appeal to a growing market segment interested in sustainable and energy-efficient living.


set your company apart

Better Serve Your Customers with Our Energy Saving Solutions

Like solar, but don’t want to add it to your services?

Join Our Affiliate Program!

Our Affiliate Program is ideal for any business that aims to assist their customers in benefiting from solar energy without selling it. Additionally, with your referrals, our in-house team of senior energy consultants collaborates with your customers to determine if solar is suitable for them. If they choose to go solar with us and once we install their system, our affiliates reap the rewards of their partnership.


empowering your growth

Our Dedication to Ensuring Your Success

We provide our partners, regardless of their company’s size or sales volume, with the resources and support essential for success. This allows you to concentrate on your core strengths, while we take care of everything else!

Dedicated Relationship Manager

With deep industry knowledge, your dedicated relationship manager serves as your go-to advisor, ensuring a smooth and efficient solar journey. They expertly oversee every detail, ensuring your solar project is executed seamlessly and on time. We strive for 5 star satisfaction so you can get more referrals.

Professional Development & Training

Whether you are new to the solar industry or an expert in all things renewable, our tools and resources are tailored to empower your business with the latest knowledge, skills, and marketing materials for you to thrive. We help more sales and service reps successfully navigate customer questions and close deals everyday.

Cutting-Edge Techonology

We built the solar industry’s leading end-to-end platform with efficient lead management, an easy, accurate design studio, simple proposal creation, automated order submission, and seamless commission tracking so that you and your team can close deals faster, get installed quicker, and be paid sooner.

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why partner with solar topps

Arizona’s Authority in Solar & Battery Backup Since 2009

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    Premium Products Always in Stock

    From high-efficiency panels to top-of-the-line inverters and batteries, our commitment to quality means you never wait for the components you need.

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    Purchase, Lease, Finance Options Available

    We work with the best financing partners in the industry and also provide great in-house options so that you can help more customers go solar, on their terms.

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    We Use NO Contractors

    By maintaining full control over the entire process, our commitment to quality and transparency ensures your project is completed with the highest standards.

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    Fastest Installation Times

    Close more deals with our competitive edge of streamlined processes and efficient teams that prioritize rapid project completion without issues.

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    24/7 Customer Support

    Whether you have a technical issue, a billing question, or just need some expert advice, our dedicated support team is just a call or message away.


all in-house, all the time

We Provide Comprehensive Coverage from Start to Finish

Our dedicated team of internal solar experts has contributed to our evolution into one of the most
highly recognized solar companies, committed to delivering industry-leading service at every stage of the process.


Site Survey

Ensuring Your Property is Suitable for Your Installation



Optimally Designing Your System for Maximum Performance



We Work Closely with the City for a Smoother Process



Quick, Professional Installations By Our In-House Installers



Utility and City Inspections Ensuring Everything is to Code



Fast Activation Timeframes So You Can Start Saving Sooner