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At Solar Topps, we believe in doing everything possible to make the sale process easy. Our online proposal software allows you to easily design a system that best meets your customer’s needs, submit all paperwork via our electronic portal and keep you updated with your customer’s project throughout the entire process. We provide an outstanding customer experience that is geared towards your customer giving you more referrals. We have perfected the process so that your customers systems are installed quickly and you are paid without delay. If you’re interested in making a consistent six-figure income while helping your customer’s achieve the best long-term results, we welcome you to join the Solar Topps partner network.

Jerry W.

“l really enjoy working with the team at Solar Topps. Their staff is really knowledgeable on the entire process and help my customer’s better understand what to expect during the process and from their system once operational. I think the continuous customer support when needed has really helped increase my referral business and overall customer satisfaction.”

Matt L.

“I chose to sell with Solar Topps because of their focus on technology. Their portal tool makes completing the sales process very easy. They use only the best equipment in the industry which gives peace of mind to all of my customers, and offer this at a competitive rate so that I can reinvest into my team. They offer complete energy management solutions that can be controlled via mobile apps, which just make the customer experience that much better.”

Arthur D.

“I’m not very good with computers, but believe in solar and its ability to work for my customer’s. The Solar Topps team provide me all the support I need by helping generate proposals, preliminary designs and making sure that the paperwork I submit is correct. They also send emails to my customer’s and always cc me so that I know exactly what is going on. Although I’m retired, I really enjoy selling solar through Solar Topps.”

Raj S.

“I’ve only been selling solar for the last 3 years and really searched for the best company out there to fit my goals – make as much money as I can with each sale and reduce the number of customer cancellations. Solar Topps was the clear choice for me. They offer outstanding products and good customer support, all at a pretty low price point. This allowed me to come in and make sure the sale I was making was secure. So far, I have had a 98.5% success rate and I really stoked about it!”

Marie Q.

“The majority of my customers are Spanish speaking, so it was important to sell with a company that could provide the right support. I am happy that I found Solar Topps. They have a team of Spanish speakers who have gone above and beyond to work with me and my customers throughout the installation process. From emails in Spanish to personal phone calls on the weekend, there is nothing the team did not do to ensure that my customer and I were satisfied.”

Pat B.

“I am a salesman at heart, but with Solar Topps, I take a much more consultative approach. Yes, my goal is to earn the sale, but not at the expense of ruining a relationship and potential referrals down the road. With Solar Topps, I know that I do not need to worry – they have always done everything to ensure I had a satisfied customer. I really like the way they approach Solar by focusing on what is best for the customer. This really helps keep things simple and sustainable. I am on track to sell over 1 MW this year, and without Solar Topps, I do not think that would have been possible.”

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Residential project installation completion in 30-90 days.

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