Going solar in Arizona: why we recommend going solar quickly after you decide it is right for your family. Over the last several years, we have witnessed changes in utility rate structures, net-metering incentives, and rebate programs that made going solar “tomorrow” slightly less attractive than making the decision “today.”  

Despite these changes however, going solar in Arizona still makes a lot of economic sense for many homeowners throughout the state, and Solar Topps is proud to have the opportunity to serve them. The key difference with our company is if solar does not make sense for you and your family, we will let you know. We are part of your community and value, honest and open relationship with our neighbors over a sale. Although “yesterday” was a better time to go solar, customers who decide to go solar earlier in the year, between January and May, tend to be happier with their overall experience.

By going solar in Arizona during these earlier months, homeowners benefit in several ways:

  1. Electric bills are lower this time of year, so customers waiting for installation pay little to the Utility company.
  2. During this time of year, fewer people choose solar, resulting in reduced demand on resources at Utilities, Cities, and HOAs. This allows for quicker processing of applications. With faster installations, homeowners can have their systems up and running before summer, enabling them to reduce electric bills when it matters most and start saving sooner. 
  3. To take advantage of tax credits and incentives for going solar in Arizona, ensure your system is installed and operational by year-end to claim the tax credit promptly.

Additional Tips for Going Solar in Arizona

As solar adoption rises in Arizona, more homeowners switch to save on energy bills. But what are the best ways to save the most money? Every homeowner’s journey is unique, but there are universal ways to find the best system for your home.  

Since 2009, Solar Topps has helped countless homeowners go solar effortlessly. Here are key factors we’ve observed over the years that contribute to a better solar experience. See some of our additional articles from the list below.  

Always remember that you are not alone in this process. Whether you choose Solar Topps or another installer, our priority is ensuring you receive the best value. Feel free to call, text or chat online for a free, no obligation conversation. We look forward to helping you with going solar, without regrets. 

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