APS Reduces Energy Export Rate

APS used to offer net-metering, a 1-to-1 kilowatt-hour (kWh) credit for the excess energy homeowners with solar would send to them to help power other homes and facilities in the area. In a beautiful State like Arizona, for many homeowners, this meant not paying utility bills for months. APS did not like this however, so in 2017 they decided to eliminate net-metering in exchange for an Energy Export Rate, which would credit the customer a particular dollar value for each kWh that was sent to them.  

This Export Buyback Rate started between 13 – 14 cents, however, like clockwork, each year at beginning of October, APS has been unilaterally reducing the dollar value of this credit. Why should they reduce the value of the energy you send to them when they are increasing the cost of the same energy they send to you? Now, they look to lower the credit again. For any homeowner that is considering going solar, the time is now.

Here are three reasons you should consider going solar before their next rate reduction. 

1) Lock-in Your Current Rate for the next 10 Years 

By deciding to go solar before the end of September, you can lock-in your current rates (be “grandfathered” in) for the next 10 years. The current export credit rates are 10.45 cents per kWh. This does not mean that you need to have a system installed on your roof before their rate change, but just have an application submitted to them with a complete set of drawings and signed forms. This documentation takes a few days to prepare, so Solar Topps recommends homeowners that are interested in going solar make the decision to do so now. At least get an application submitted to them, and if you ultimately decide not to go solar, you can always cancel your decision without any hassle or charge. To help as many homeowners get the most out of their potential savings, Solar Topps will be accepting applications until September 20, working tirelessly to get them approved. 

Although the current export buy back rate may not seem like much, it does add up, especially for customers who choose Solar Topps. Most of our systems overproduce energy, in some instances, homeowners could be sending nearly 60% of their energy back to APS. This easily begins to compound and any reduction in the Export Rate is a reduction in potential savings a homeowner could otherwise expect. Don’t miss another great solar opportunity. 

2) Your Energy is Worth More than APS says it is 

Interestingly, APS knows how cheap solar energy really is. They are one of the largest producers of solar power in the State. That is right, APS uses solar energy to power your home. So, why shouldn’t you? A solar system on your home produces the same energy that APS sends to you. The cost of you producing it on your home is a small fraction of what APS charges you, especially during peak times or seasons. APS wants to give you 10 cents for the energy you send to them, but charge you double or triple that amount to use the same energy from them. Sound fair? We don’t think so either. You are generating the electricity that APS sells to other customers; you deserve legitimate credit for that.   

Other benefits for solar panels are the investment tax credit and other great rebates the State offers. This will shave some money off the initial price for your solar system but again, you need to act quickly. The investment tax credit will also decrease by 2023. Investing in solar now guarantees you the most savings for your home. 

3) Solar Is Here to Stay and Battery Technology Will Soon Provide a Boost

Despite all these setbacks and decreases in the Export Rate Credits for solar panel owners, solar has proven itself to be the future, especially here in Arizona. Clean energy is a major push for future growth and innovation. We have reached unprecedented price points on solar panels and inverters. Installation costs are also reducing. Battery technology also makes the future exciting because you can truly begin to manage your own energy, your way. However, batteries are not currently economically viable for most homeowners. So, to think the Export Rate Credit does not matter to your decision in going solar is one that is misinformed. The good news is, when batteries are at low price points like all other aspects of the Solar industry, they can easily be integrated into all systems installed by Solar Topps. Waiting to go solar until technology improves or prices come down only means fewer savings for you. The time to go solar is now. Take control of your power and energy expenses with a state-of-the-art solar system through Solar Topps. 

The Main Takeaway 

For any homeowner that is considering going solar, the time is now. APS, and other Utility providers, are only interested in enriching themselves at your expense. They know the value of solar energy and how cheap it is. They plan to install more solar panels across the State and expect you to pay the bill through the increasing rates they charge each year. Cut the middleman out and use your energy, your way. Reach out to Solar Topps today by clicking here. A simple conversation could save you thousands.  

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