The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) elections offer a chance to replace those in power shaping Arizona’s energy future towards sustainability. The ACC’s recent decisions prioritize short-term gains, favoring utilities over renewable energy and rooftop solar owners. 

The Core of the Concern 

The ACC’s role in regulating investor-owned utilities is critical, encompassing decisions on rate increases and major infrastructure investments like power plants and substations. These decisions impact not only utility companies’ balance sheets but also Arizonans’ lives by influencing energy costs and sources.  

The Shift We Need 

The current commission’s approach has boosted dependence on non-renewable energy sources, overlooking the pressing call for environmental change and the economic promise of green energy. The bias towards utilities hampers the state’s economic interests and hinders progress towards a cleaner, sustainable energy future.

The Opportunity Ahead 

The upcoming ACC elections present a rare opportunity for us to correct course. Notably, three candidates stand out for their unwavering commitment to turning Arizona into a beacon of renewable energy: 

  • Ylenia Aguilar: A member of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Maricopa County highlighting the potential to excel in renewable energy. Ylenia Aguilar Campaign Information.
  • Sandra Kennedy: With a track record of backing higher renewable energy standards, Kennedy’s re-election could be vital for meeting the regulatory needs of a sustainable energy transition. Sandra Kennedy’s Campaign Information 
  • Joshua Polacheck: Wants to flip two seats to get the Corporation Commission back to its core mission. Running as a team with Ylenia Aguilar to champion for solar energy and carbon footprint reduction policies. Joshua Polacheck Campaign Information.

ACC Elections- Why Your Vote Matters 

The ACC’s decisions impact more than just our immediate energy costs—they define the legacy we leave for future generations. By voting for candidates committed to sustainable energy policies, we can ensure that our state moves toward a future where clean energy is not just an option but a priority. 

How to Make Your Voice Heard 

  • Request to Speak: Participate in open meetings and engage directly with commissioners about your concerns and suggestions. ACC Public Participation 
  • Submit a Public Comment: Make your opinion a part of the public record, advocating for a greener and more sustainable energy policy. ACC Public Comment Submission 

Commit to the Future 

The clean energy candidates in this year’s ACC election embody the change needed to re-prioritize our energy policies towards sustainability and fairness. By supporting these leaders, we can revamp the ACC into an institution that truly reflects the values and needs of Arizonans. 

Participate in the upcoming elections and lend your voice to the cause of green energy. Together, we can steer Arizona towards a future that embraces clean, renewable energy, ensuring a healthier planet for us all. 

For more information on how to engage with the ACC and to stay informed about the election, visit Arizona Voter Registration and Maricopa County Elections. Remember, the decisions made today will shape our energy landscape for decades to come—make your vote count. 

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