Why Going Solar In Arizona Makes Sense

Arizona is one of the best states to reap the rewards of solar energy. Solar Topps believes you should use your energy, your way, and a solar installation is the best solution.  

Here are the top five reasons Arizona is one of the best states for Solar energy.  

#1: There is Plenty of Sunshine to Go Around 

Arizona receives the most sunlight in the United States, making solar energy practical due to its abundance. Compared to the rest of the country, Arizona also has the longest duration of “peak sunlight hours.” A peak sunlight hour is a time when your solar panels can perform at their best because of the position and abundance of the sun during that time.  

Because of this, most solar homeowners can produce extra electricity, which is either stored in their battery backup system or sent back to the utility for credits on future bills. Installing solar panels on your roof in Arizona saves you money the instant your system is on.  

Couple that with the 25-year warranty and lifespan on the panels, and you can see your investment quickly pays for itself.  

#2: Stay In Control of Energy Costs

Over the past few years, Arizona has been one of the fastest-growing states in the Country. Despite all the growth, utility companies continue to raise their electricity prices. This is shocking considering they are saving on production costs by switching to solar energy themselves. Why should just the Utility company benefit from a lower electric rate by using solar energy?

Life is stressful enough. You don’t need to be anxious about the cost of your electric bill or feel guilty for using your energy your way. While the cost of energy from Utilities is dramatically rising, the cost of solar has decreased significantly for more than a decade. These lower, more stable prices paired with the great tax incentives listed below are why switching to solar can help you save sooner.  

#3: Various Incentives Are Available to Reduce the Cost

When you purchase your solar system, you can take advantage of four incentives to help you save even more money.  Please remember, these incentives are set to expire soon, so you will need to act quickly.

  1. The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC): gives you a 26% tax credit for going solar. This amount will drop to 22% in 2023 and is currently set to expire in 2024 for homeowners.   
  1. Arizona Solar Tax Credit (Residential): When you purchase your system, the Residential Arizona Solar Tax Credit takes what you will initially pay for your panels and returns a fraction of the total system price, capped at $1000.  
  1. Solar Equipment Sales Tax Exemption: You are not required to pay the taxes associated with going solar in Arizona.  
  1. Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption: In most instances, making changes to your home will change its overall value. In turn, this will change the taxes you pay on your home as well. This exemption prevents any increase in your property tax.   

#4: Increase Your Property Value 

By adding solar energy to your home, you can control your electric rates. This means that as Utility companies increase their rates, your home will not be impacted as much. Therefore, your home is more valuable and you can increase your property value.  

With the rapid growth, Arizona has seen in the past decade, property values are already on the rise, in part due to existing solar panels on their homes. Whether you’ve just moved in or you are planning to move out in a few years, solar panels will increase your property value and help you sell it faster.  

#5: Do Your Part to Maintain the Beauty of Arizona 

When you switch to solar, you can do your part and help keep it beautiful and clean.  

Arizona has an enchanting beauty. Solar panels help reduce your dependence on the utility companies that still use coal-powered plants to supply energy to customers. Doing your part to help reduce carbon emissions is important in our strive for a better, cleaner future.  

Unlike a coal plant generating electricity, solar panels have no excess emissions when powering your home. This means cleaner air and a cleaner water supply while saving thousands of dollars every year. It’s almost as if nature is paying you back for doing your part to keep it clean. 

The Main Takeaway  

Investing in solar panels in Arizona is a wise decision. Not only do we have some of the best financial incentives in the country, but we have the best access to prime sunlight to power your home. It’s such a good idea, even the utility companies are making the switch to solar. For the love of Arizona and savings, give us a call to see how we can help you begin to use your energy, your way. Click here to get started.

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