The Smartest Way to Go Solar

sarah angSince forming in 2009, Solar Topps has been dedicated to setting and meeting a higher standard when it comes to photovoltaic (“PV”) design, engineering and installation. Solar Topps has consistently delivered the highest performing PV systems to a steadily growing, very knowledgeable, and fully satisfied customer base. Our success comes from our commitment to details needed to achieve our goals of making solar easy, affordable and hassle-free to generate more savings for our customers.

Solar Topps is not your run-of-the-mill company, let alone solar integrator. We appreciate the sensitive nature of obtaining a PV system for a home or business, which is why we strive to build and maintain trust, accountability and responsibility with everyone- from customer and vendors to employees and their families. We are tirelessly devoted to building the finest and most highly-reputable solar company with the best talent the solar industry has to offer. To ensure every customer's experience is the best it can be, Solar Topps has a full team of in-house experts with the highest level of knowledge, training, and licensing. From first contact, to design and installation, to follow-ups once in service, customers work with people that are trustworthy, responsible, and highly competent to meet their needs.

With Solar Topps, our customers do more than harness the power of the sun, they save money for years to come! Solar Topps takes care of all the system's designing, engineering, permits, applications, installations and inspections, and if the customer chooses, Solar Topps also provides monitoring, system evaluation and on-going maintenance service as well. Our customers receive industry-leading technology with the best design, engineering and installation in the industry - bar none. Moreover, our customers receive full project management services whereby they are kept fully apprised of their PV project every step of the way.

Our customers are quick to realize how this quality-focused approach best delivers what they need without sacrificing time, energy or, most importantly, money. Maintaining the highest level of quality and ensuring trust with our customers requires that Solar Topps never loses focus and never stops trying harder. Ensuring the best customer experience from day one requires a quality dedication to people, product, and performance from their investment. Solar Topps is the Smartest Way to Go Solar. We invite you to explore more about what Solar Topps has to offer by viewing our products and technology, and learning what our thousands of satisfied customers have to say.

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