SRP Stack Demolition

Mar 16, 2021 0 Solar Topps 2 min read

After more than 1,000 pounds of explosives were detonated Wednesday, the Navajo Generating Stations three boilers were demolished.

The utility company, Salt River Project said in a press release Thursday, the NGS, a coal-fired power plant near the Arizona-Utah border, was shut down in 2019 and three different concrete stacks were imploded in December of 2020.

This was part of the SRP’s continued efforts to decommission the nearly 50-year old coal-fired plant. They say the demolition was the most complex demolition due to the amount and mass of the steel in the boilers, support columns, and hanger beams.

The boilers worked by heating tubes filled with water that lined the exterior of the furnace box and extended the entire height of the boiler walls. Each boiler held a massive fire and was fueled by a powder-fine coal injection which ignited instantly. The fire would heat super-purified water within thousands of tubes to 1,005 degrees. This created invisible steam that powered turbine blades to generate electricity.

SRP said in a press release that once all the boiler debris has been cleared away, the next step of the demolition process will be the three-unit NGS turbine block where electricity was made.

As the Biden Administration moves forward with its plan to fight climate change and, “…achieve a goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050…” deconstruction of coal-powered plants like the NGS could become more common in the coming years.

The Department of Energy (DOE) is making efforts to create more clean energy jobs and also support cutting-edge technologies. A video produced by the DOE after the announcement of Jennifer M. Granholm being sworn in as the 16th Secretary of Energy emphasizes the Biden Administration’s efforts to achieve the goals it has set.

With large plants being deconstructed and the DOE’s goal for more clean energy sources for the near future, now is the time to consider transitioning towards solar panels for your source for electricity.

With Arizona being the second largest at producing solar energy, making a change would put you in good company.

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