All promotions, gift cards, referrals and other such programs are governed by the terms described below. If not stated herein and a promotion, referral or gift card (“rewards”) is premised on an individual “going solar”, whether that be yourself or a third party, all rewards will be processed for payment when said individual has their system commissioned and all final paperwork is successfully processed by the Company. Moreover, all offers shall expire unless stated otherwise on Company-approved material, within thirty days (30) from when issued by the Company. Unless stated otherwise, all rewards will be accepted only if a valid coupon has been provided by the Energy Consultant, signed by the Topps customer at the time of entering into an agreement to “go solar,” and has been received in Company’s office prior to the expiration date. Additionally, the customer must inform the Energy Consultant or Dealer of the said promotion prior to receiving their first solar proposal for it to be valid.

1. Cash Back / Rebate Promotions

Once a customer’s system has been commissioned and all final paperwork has been completed, the Company will pay the customer the cash back rebate stated in their promotion. If the promotion is an “Online” offer or promotion, for it to be valid, customer must have completed a lead form on the SolarTopps website and entered the promotion code in the appropriate field prior to receiving any solar proposal from a Solar Topps Energy Consultant or Authorized Sales Dealer. All promotions are vaild for a limited time, must be valid when the promotion code is entered into the SolarTopps website, and unless stated otherwise, will expire within thirty days (30) from when issued by the Company.


2. Raffle Promotions

All raffle promotions premised on an individual “going solar” are run at the end of the month. An individual will be eligible for the raffle drawing if the promotion code was entered at the time they provided the lead through our website and they signed all paperwork to go soalr in that month the drawing was happening. An individual will only be eligible for a drawing once. If the customer has won, they will be informed of their winning and a payment will be made to the customer in a manner the Company deems fit.


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