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In-house team

All-In-One Process

We make the switch to solar easy and affordable by ensuring you save – both time and money. Our team of in-house, highly qualified, better-trained solar professionals ensure that we deliver you the best value through each and every step of the process. We work directly with you and retain full accountability in everything we do by giving you a single point of contact before, during and after your installation. Our process makes it simple for you to relax because we think that’s what experts should do.


Visit and Consultation

It all starts with a simple conversation about your energy needs and financial goals. With this information, we create a system design with your aesthetic preferences in mind and generate various proposals that best meet your desired result.

When we visit your property, we conduct a simple assessment of the outside to ensure that what we noted would work and then we talk about the various plans and options that are available to you. We take the time to go over all the details so that you are fully informed. Once we know that you are ready to make the switch to clean, affordable solar energy, we hand the project over to our project management team and start with the engineering department.


Design and Engineering

With your preliminary proposal in hand, our expert site surveyors schedule a visit to your property. These surveyors know the ins-and-outs of solar installations per each of the city’s guidelines so they examine your property to ensure we won’t have any issues during installation or inspection. Moreover, they will get onto your roof (or wherever we are placing the panels) to ensure that it is suitable for solar by conducting various measurements. We want to ensure we are placing your panels in areas where they are going to produce to the best of their ability.

Once we analyze the data, our engineers begin to design the drawings based on your preferences in accordance with all applicable guidelines. After completion, we send you the design for review so that you can get a sense of what the overall project will look like. Upon approval, we submit these designs to the various departments and agencies for permitting approval. When we receive notice that your project is good to go, your project goes to our materials and scheduling department.


Installation and Inspection

As an all-in-one provider, we stock all the materials your project requires. From panels and inverters to each and every nut and bolt, we have one of the largest on-hand stocks of solar inventory in the State. When we send our highly-trained installation teams to your property, they have all the material they need to complete your project quickly and efficiently.

Our installers are not third-party contractors, they’re our employees. Each has been vetted, trained and qualified to perform our installations to our exacting standards. With all the details we put into engineering your system, if not installed in the best manner possible, what’s the point? Our installers understand that and do their best to follow each and every aspect of the design so that you get more out of your system’s performance.

Once completed, we add all the appropriate labels and test the system to ensure that when it’s inspected it immediately passes without issue. Our team handles all the paperwork, schedules all the inspections and keeps you up-to-date with when your system will be activated.


System Turn On!

The day your system is ready to be turned on is one of the happiest we share with you. We are with you when you turn your system on, walk you through all the basics of how it works, and answer any questions you may have as we activate your performance monitoring solution. Once your system is activated and reporting, you have officially taken control of your energy independence and financial freedom secured by the power of the Sun. Trust us, it feels great!

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