Going Solar? Things to know before Installing Solar Panels!

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Jan 24, 2021 0 Jared Goldberg 2 min read

There are several motivations and benefits of adding solar to your home. However, when customers begin their journey, they get inundated with offers for “quotes.” But getting a quote is putting the cart before the horse. Before you start talking about the financial investment of producing energy, here are few important things to know before installing solar panels in your homes!


Things to know before installing solar panels

You need to first find out if installing solar panels on the roof even makes sense for you and your property? This is accomplished through a no-cost / no-commitment bill and roof analysis. When you meet (virtually or in-person) with a solar professional, they will first ask you to provide copies of your electric bill — giving them an indication of your household consumption and what is the true value of solar energy can offer you. Next, they will perform a building and roof analysis. This analysis can be done remotely through public records, reports, and surveys. Allowing your solar professional to determine sun exposure, possible shade issues, roof angle, and area. Finally, they should ask if you have any future plans that would increase your energy consumption. Such projects would include adding a pool, increasing your air conditioning unit’s size, or purchasing an electric car.

Your energy consumption history, future plans, and building/roof analysis is the best way for a solar professional to ascertain the cost-benefit of producing your energy through solar. Without this information, a reliable assessment cannot be made of your particular situation. At this point, if it has been determined your property can facilitate enough solar energy to satisfy your consumption, they will design a custom system specifically for you. Ensuring you are not investing in a system that is either too large or too small for your energy needs. These are major factors to consider when installing solar panels at your home.

Once you have identified the size of the system and sun exposure needed to satisfy your energy needs, this is when you would get a quote (estimate) on what it would cost to install your solar system (PV). Allowing your solar professional to provide you with a cost-benefit analysis, breaking down how many years of savings it would take to offset your initial financial investment.


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