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Customer Review: Stan Y.

Borino Family: 11.32 kW System

Giving our customers more freedom and control of their energy are some of the biggest rewards for making the switch to solar! We recently caught up with Ron and Rhonda Borino to hear about their experiences with going solar, their installation with Solar Topps, and the surprises that came with their latest solar system. It… Continue reading Borino Family: 11.32 kW System

Heusinkveld Family: 6.72 kW System

When your energy needs grow, our experts are prepared to help scale your solar panel system quickly and with ease. We spent an afternoon with Virgil and Donna Heusinkveld to hear about their Topps Experience, why they chose to go solar and how they upgraded their existing solar panels. We were thrilled to speak with… Continue reading Heusinkveld Family: 6.72 kW System

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