Installing a solar power array is one of the smartest decisions a residential homeowner or commercial building owner in Arizona will ever make.

During the summertime, utility companies charge a very high price for on-peak demand electricity, which can be as high as $0.19 cents per kWh.

Instead of buying expensive power from the electric company, a solar electric system allows you to create your own clean, free solar electricity to power your air conditioner, pool pumps and other appliances that use a lot of electricity during the day when electricity prices are expensive.

The additional benefit of solar power panels is the shade they produce for your rooftop during the hottest part of the day.

A Solar Electric System Will Save You Money

You will start saving money the very first day your solar panels begin producing free electricity.

If you install enough solar panels on your rooftop to completely offset your electricity bill, every time the utility company raises the price for electricity, it will not matter, because your solar electric system will be producing its own electricity. You actually save more money every time your utility company raises prices.

save money with residential solar electric panels

How Much Money You Actually Save With A Residential Solar Electric System?

The average electric utility rate increase per year is around three percent. That means in only ten years, a $1,000 yearly electric bill will increase to $1,790. In 15 years, the same bill will turn into a $2,396 per year electric bill.

Customers that offset their total electric bill with solar power usually only pay a small connection fee of around $25 per month to stay connected to the grid. Some pay as little as $8 per month for the connection.

Property Value Increases With A Solar Power Array

As a result of installing your own solar electric system, your home or commercial building will be worth more money, because it produces its own free solar electricity. It will also provide your home or business with a competitive edge. In just ten year’s time after installing a solar electric system, you will be paying 50 percent less for electricity than the person across street, who may not have made the smart decision to install solar.

Want to find out how much you will save with a solar power system on your rooftop? Solar Topps has developed a very simple solar quote form offering a free solar quote.

Fill out the solar quote form and Solar Topps will send you a solar price quote that will show you how much a solar system will cost, how much solar tax credit incentives and utility solar rebates are available and how much money your solar power array will save you over the next 25 years.

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