Solar Topps’ warehouse offers proof that residential solar electric system installations are booming in Arizona right now with it’s latest shipment of SunPower solar inverters.

Dozens of homeowners all over the state of Arizona are currently scheduled to have a solar electric system installed by Solar Topps.

solar topps employee checking solar inverter delivery

Solar Topps project coordinator checks over the latest batch of SunPower solar inverters delivered to our warehouse this morning.

There is no end in sight as shipments of inverters and solar panels keep rolling in.

What Is A Solar Inverter?

A solar Inverter is the wall mounted unit that converts direct current (DC) power that solar panels create, to alternating current (AC) power that your home needs.

Inverters can be mounted either on the exterior of your home next to the electric meter or on an inside wall close to where the electric meter is mounted.

Solar Inverters Come In Different Sizes

Solar Topps received three different types of inverters in this new shipment, because different size homes and electricity needs require different size inverters. Some homes may even require two inverters.

SunPower Solar Inverters Are The World’s Best

The SunPower SPR-6501f-1 UNI and SPR-7501f-1 UNI string inverters in the boxes pictured above are considered to be a few of the best inverters in the world with a CEC efficiency of up to 96.0 percent.

SunPower’s solar string inverters come in a reliable and robust design and offer a proven track record for durability and longevity.

The precision-engineered metal housing provides UV resistance and corrosion protection. It’s reliable for indoor or outdoor applications.

SunPower String Inverters offer exceptional performance and come with a 10-year warranty.

sunpower solar inverter flyer information

Solar Topps installs only the best solar inverters.

If you have interest in learning more about solar inverters, you can read our most recent blog post about solar inverters published a few days ago. Wikipedia also offers information about solar inverters.

Choose SunPower Solar Inverters And Solar Topps Installers

Solar Topps is the leading residential solar installations company in Arizona and SunPower is the top solar panel and inverter manufacturer in the world.

Solar Topps recently passed all of SunPower Premier Dealer requirements and will soon have their dealer listing status upgraded on the SunPower website.

sunpower premium dealer large logo

If you are thinking about having a solar electric system installed on your home or commercial building, be sure to have SunPower solar panels and inverters installed by the professionals at Solar Topps.

Get a free solar quote right now by using the “Solar Quote” form found on any page on the site.

Solar Topps is also an equal opportunity employer and is always seeking to hire qualified, experienced professionals in the solar industry. Use the “Careers” link to learn more about the current positions available.

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