Professional Sports Making Move To Solar

Solar power has received its call up to the big leagues.

With the issue of energy efficiency and reducing long-term energy costs, a major focus of sports organizations all over the spectrum, more and more pro teams are making the move to solar power.

Swinging for the fences in Kansas City

The Kansas City Royals baseball organization completed the largest in-stadium solar array this past year.

They will have 120 solar modules located at opposite ends of Kauffmann Field.

The Royals organization has declared their interest in improving long-term energy efficiency and being a more environmentally friendly business partner.

Fans will be able to monitor the new solar system’s output on an interactive display.

The Royals’ new solar panel display will be on display, front and center at this year’s upcoming MLB All Star Game which takes place on July 10th.

kansas city royals solar system

Suns And APS’s New Solar Collaboration A Slam Dunk

The Phoenix Suns are bringing the heat with a new 227 kilowatt system at US Airways Center.

The clean energy project developed in conjunction with APS will feature over 900 solar panels installed on the top of the US Airways Center garage. The project which has been in development since 2008 will produce almost 400,000 kilowatt hours a year and provide clean, renewable power for decades to come.

phoenix suns and aps solar electric system agreement

Jets Score Big With Solar Array On Practice Facility

The NFL’s New York Jets have also jumped on board the solar bandwagon with a 3,000 solar module, 750 kilowatt solar system on the rooftop of their practice facility in New Jersey.

The power purchase agreement that the Jets signed for the solar array will allow them to utilize energy produced from the renewable power at a lower rate than what they would be paying for traditional power. Additionally, the system will offset over 500 tons of carbon on an annual basis.

The Jets organization is proving to be just as green as the uniforms that the team wears out on the field.

atlantic new your jets training solar electric panels

Solar Is Heating Up The Ice At The Pepsi Center

The Colorado Avalanche franchise of the NHL has also gone solar at Denver’s Pepsi Center (shared with the NBA’s Denver Nuggets) featuring a 52 module system that helps provide power to the Blue Sky Grill that is located inside the arena.

pepsi center colorado avalanche solar electric

These are just a few examples of various sporting teams that are making the move to become more energy efficient with solar power today and into the future.

Other organizations such as the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Washington Redskins, the Cleveland Indians, the Seattle Seahawks and many more are all doing their part to help reduce their overall energy-use and do their part in protecting our environment.

seattle seahawks solar panels

Make the move to renewable now and reap the savings benefits more and more every year as energy prices continue to increase.

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