Home Builder

When designing and building a home for a client the material you use is an integral part of the function and aesthetics of the structure. Solar Topps has been working with architects and engineers for over 25 years designing and installing progressive solar electrical systems.

As builders across America are beginning to realize the advantage solar electric systems provides their business and communities, Solar Topps is here to make the process easy. We have the expertise to help you design and install solar electric system that will perform well and integrate sustainable living seamlessly with the look of your building and the feel of your community.

Solar Topps’ complete turnkey approach offers:

  • Effective Sales Training and Marketing Strategies
  • Precise Engineering Design and Review
  • Complete Permitting and Utility Coordination
  • Quality System Installation and Continuous Monitoring Services
  • Thorough Inspection and Final Commissioning

Solar Topps is renowned for its emphasis on providing personal and professional solar energy solutions. Whether you are looking to install a solar system on a single building or throughout an entire community, you can rest assure that Solar Topps will make your transition to clean, renewable energy easy, straight forward and affordable. As a family owned and operated company with minimal overhead, we are in the business of helping you convert your sunshine into savings in the most efficient and effective way possible – that’s our bottom line.